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Fun Ideas Tin Ceiling Tiles

Imitation tin ceiling tiles is a great way to add appeal to your roof. Tin tiles simulate aged and come in various colors, patterns and finishes that reflect well on you as well as your home. Installing faux tin ceiling is not as difficult as you might think. Tiles can be purchased on a tongue and groove design, lightweight allowing easy placement with an adhesive ceiling.

Antique tin ceiling tiles

If you are planning to install tin ceiling tiles yourself, you will need several tools. Depending on type of tile and method of installation of that particular type, you need some tools from list below: satin, nails, glue gun, steel tape measure, ladder, cleats, stapling, folding, rule, caulking gun , trim border, straight edge, handsaw, staples, chalk line, knife, graph paper, hammer, hand cleaners, ceiling tile adhesive, tape measure, glasses Security and tracing paper. Be sure to check where you are buying tile as to exact tools you need.

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When it comes to cost, improved on its roof aesthetics, savings compared to satin more expensive metal and ease Installation faux tin ceiling tiles depending on design and style you choose can be obtained for well under $ 10.00 a patchwork of 12 “x 12”.

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